WNet, Wasantara Network

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Stable: ZNC 1.7.4

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mIRC v7.57
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WNet FreeZNC

For request you can find us on servers WNet

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1. One account per person.

2. Do not use proxys/free-vpns/or whatever all connections are scanned to prevent abuse of free services.

3. If you account has 30 days of inactivity it will be blocked.

4. If you nickname in WNet Network DROP it will be blocked.

5. You have a maximum of 4 networks, 1 network must be used for WNet, remember that you can only add ipv6 networks.

6. If there is a new rule, it will be added. :)


NOTICE: All users can be load modules.

UPDATED at: Fri Dec 7 00:28:43 WIB 2018.

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